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Leeway Austin IT Support & Consulting, LLC

Leverage our extensive experience and technical knowledge at an affordible price!

We can help whether you are a small start-up, large corporation or private individual.

To learn more just call 512-600-1103 and start your process towards less stress and more "Leeway"!

We Are Blogging!

One of the comments I've received numberous times is that we should create a blog or vlog of some sort - something our customers and visitors can use as a guide or self-help resource. After carefully considering options and weighing the benefits vs. costs in time and money we decided to start a blog. Check it out here!

Need Help NOW?

Do you have a PC issue and need help NOW? We might be able to help you over the internet. To find out call 512-600-1103. We use a trusted industry standard remote support platform - There's nothing for you to install and you only pay for the service call if we resolve your issue! Our PC Optimization Service and to some extent even our PC Repair Service can be done remotely saving time and getting you back working more quickly than scheduling an in-person appointment.

Discounts for Seniors!

Seniors 65 and older now get 30% off all service calls (materials are not included)! Need trustworthy support but tired of asking friends or relatives for help? Does "little-Johnny" roll his eyes at you when you ask him to help you with your cell phone? We can help with almost any technology related issue, phones, tablets, computers, smart speakers, lights & switches, remote controls, answering machines and so much more!! Give us a call today at 512-600-1103

Get 50% Off!

New customers always get 50% off their first service call (does not include materials)! Check out our services page to learn more about what we offer, or just give us a call and let's talk about it! We can help with almost any technology related issue, both large and small so give us a call and tell us what issue you have and we'll let you know quickly how we can help you resolve it!

FREE pick-up/drop-off Service!

We know you are busy so we now offer a FREE pick-up and drop-off service to all customers living in the Austin Texas metro area. Check out our service area map to see if you are within our free pick-up/drop-off service area! We do not charge you for picking up your PC or for delivering it back to you within our service area.