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How Long We've Been Around

Our founder, Larry Huegele, has been helping family and friends with their technology challenges for more than 40 years. Prior to founding Leeway Austin IT Support & Consulting, LLC in March of 2017 Larry had a nearly 25 year I.T. career in the biotechnology sector.

What We're About

We focus on helping our customers with technology at an affordable price. We keep our overhead costs low and pass the savings along to our customers. We are a mobile business and are dedicated to providing IT support and consulting services at reasonable prices to all of our customers in Austin Texas.

Who We Help

We are located in Austin Texas, the Live Music Capital. We not only help our commercial and residential customers who are located in Austin, but we also offer remote support services using the internet with our industry standard remote support platform that doesn't even require installation. This is the best way to get help NOW with your technology problems no matter where you are located!

Phone Lines are Open 24 x 7!